Why Keep a Clean Job Site? Manhattan Beach Custom Home Builders

For generations, our mothers and grandmothers have long tried to ingrain in our minds that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Apparently, some Manhattan Beach custom home builders have taken this life lesson to heart more than others. The way builders keep and maintain their construction sites can have a variety of implications.

Manhattan Beach custom home site

Whether driving past or visiting a Manhattan Beach custom home ...

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Manhattan Beach Design Build Firm | Article | Benefits of Design Build Method

The Benefits of the Design Build Method.

For millenniums the primary method for managing and contracting construction projects was done by a single person or entity, the “Master Builder”, who was responsible for executing the entire project from concept to completion.

Over the last couple of centuries this time tested method gave way to the “Design-Bid-Build” method, whereby, the “owner” or purchaser would outsource each phase and independently hire the various professionals needed to complete ...

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The Rise of Specialty Rooms

Thanks to Stacey Freed of Remodeling Magazine for this great article:

Specialty Rooms Need Special Care

Rise of (un)necessary rooms as people remain in their homes

As more people opt to remain in their homes and renovate, many want to create spaces that satisfy different areas of their lifestyle – not just the “necessary rooms.” Hence the popularity of man caves, media rooms, souped-up garages — and quilting rooms.

“This was our second specific ...

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Our work published in Interiors Magazine – We are honored

Hollywood Hills Remodeling Project featured in Interiors Magazine

titan1It is one thing to take on a large remodeling project, and at completion step back and take great pride in the work you did.  It is entirely another thing, and an incredible honor when your work is featured in Interiors Magazine.  

A grand Hollywood Hills remodeling project.  This 2,200 square foot house had the ...

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