Why Keep a Clean Job Site? Manhattan Beach Custom Home Builders

For generations, our mothers and grandmothers have long tried to ingrain in our minds that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Apparently, some Manhattan Beach custom home builders have taken this life lesson to heart more than others. The way builders keep and maintain their construction sites can have a variety of implications.

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Whether driving past or visiting a Manhattan Beach custom home construction site, the condition of the build site is the first thing you’ll notice.  If the build site is a mess with building materials and trash strewn about, you might get the impression that the builder is not very organized, which could even extend into their office as well. This is common during the framing phase of construction. Lumber should be separated and organized into two piles, for usable and unusable lumber. Some scrap lumber can be used for smaller framing projects like water heater bases, among others.  These scraps need to be stacked neatly on a flat surface to prevent the risk of warping.

During construction there might be dozens of people between workers, clients, potential clients, realtors, and more, who will walk the custom home site. Build sites that are not maintained on a regular basis present a higher risk of tripping and other hazards. When a Manhattan Beach custom home construction site is maintained properly, that’s one less thing all parties have to worry about. Also, when a site is clean, it’s much easier to notice the craftsmanship of the custom home’s numerous features.
Manhattan Beach custom home builderAt Titan and Co., we maintain our Manhattan Beach custom home build sites out of respect for the homeowners, the neighbors, and the people who walk the job site every day.   We offer our Design/Build services in Manhattan Beach, and the entire South Bay area.


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