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The Benefits of the Design Build Method.

For millenniums the primary method for managing and contracting construction projects was done by a single person or entity, the “Master Builder”, who was responsible for executing the entire project from concept to completion.

Over the last couple of centuries this time tested method gave way to the “Design-Bid-Build” method, whereby, the “owner” or purchaser would outsource each phase and independently hire the various professionals needed to complete the project.  The owner would thus accept more control and therefore more liability of the project and its outcome.

Returning to the spirit of the master build concept, the “Design Build” method incorporates the basic principle of the “master builder” concept in that one single person or entity assumes the managerial and organizational control over the entire project thus consolidating liability and allowing for more seamless integration between design and construction. 

Manhattan Beach Design Build Firm

Today many clients are benefiting from the Design Build Method in that it simplifies the process for them.  They are able to identify a single company or individual to assist them in developing and managing the entire construction program.  The Design Build Firm conducts all the necessary research, completes all necessary design documents, and completes all phases of the construction process so as to simplify the orchestration of all of these pieces, which can become extremely complicated and confusing for the client to manage independently. 

Titan & Co is a Manhattan Beach Design Build Firm that has had great success incorporating elements of the Design Build Method and our clients have benefitted as a result by decreasing the project schedule, helping to control and manage budget expectations, and helping to ensure that the client’s initial goals are kept in focus throughout the project.

Titan and Co LogoWhile we focus as a team on Manhattan Beach Design Build projects, we also serve the entire South Bay including Hermosa Beach, Venice Beach, Redondo Beach and Los Angeles.  Please Contact Us Today to discuss your project.  

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